Our Story

Founded in 1971, ProTree's first offices were in Brentwood, California where the main office is still located today. ProTree Nursery, LLC came together under the direction of Ron Nunn whose vision was simple:

“To provide quality fruit trees to farmers.” For over 40 years, that is exactly what ProTree has been doing.

Initially, all of the trees were planted and grown in Brentwood. In the beginning, ProTree focused on apples, walnuts, and cherries, growing them by bench graft. By the mid ‘70s, ProTree needed more space to accommodate their growing business and they were looking for more fertile ground. The decision was then made to move to the growing areas to California’s Central Valley near Fresno where the soft earth would provide a more supportive growing environment for the trees and rootstocks. With over 130 acres today, ProTree Nursery, LLC is one of the largest fruit tree growers in the state of California.